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How to clean the heat exchanger

How to clean the heat exchanger

  For a long time the traditional way of cleaning method (such as mechanical scraping and brushing), chemical cleaning, high pressure water (pickling) in the heat exchanger cleaning has a lot of probl

  For a long time the traditional way of cleaning method (such as mechanical scraping and brushing), chemical cleaning, high pressure water (pickling) in the heat exchanger cleaning has a lot of problems: can not completely remove scale deposits, acid corrosion caused by the formation of vulnerability on equipment, the residual acid of the material produced two times of corrosion or corrosion under the scale in addition, eventually led to the replacement of equipment, cleaning waste, toxic, needs a lot of money for wastewater treatment. The newly developed equipment has no corrosive cleaning agent, and it should have good technology. It has high efficiency, environmental protection, safety and no corrosion. It not only has good cleaning effect, but also has no corrosion to equipment. It can ensure long-term use of heat exchanger. Special cleaning agent (adding wetting agent and penetrating agent, can effectively remove the water generated by the equipment in the most stubborn scale (calcium carbonate), rust, grease, mud and other sediments, and will not cause harm to the human body, not for steel, copper, nickel, titanium, rubber, plastics, and glass fiber ceramic materials, produce erosion, pitting corrosion, oxidation and other harmful reactions, prolong the service life of equipment.

  The manufacturer of heat exchanger said that in the process of industrial production, sometimes unexpected operation caused by improper operation will cause scaling or blockage of individual equipment or local pipeline line, which will affect the normal operation of production. In this case, the main is to quickly remove dirt, ensure that the production equipment can operate normally and restore normal production state. Recovery unit production efficiency. For example, scaling of chemical equipment causes heat transfer coefficient of heat exchanger and other equipment to decrease, and the area of pipeline circulation decreases or the flow resistance increases, enabling energy and material consumption to increase and production efficiency decrease. At this time, the production efficiency of the equipment is restored by cleaning the descaling.

  For many reasons, there are many fouling, such as coking, oil fouling, scale, sediment, corrosion products, polymers, fungi, algae, clay and so on. However, when produced by these dirt will make equipment and pipeline failure, system will occur the decline in production, energy consumption and material consumption increase and other adverse conditions, particularly serious corrosive dirt will make the process interrupt system was forced to stop production, directly cause economic losses, and even the potential for malignant accidents. In today's scientific development, it is almost impossible to avoid dirt generation completely. Therefore, cleaning of heat exchangers and other equipment is an important part of production in industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, electric power and metallurgy.

  The high pressure water jet cleaning heat exchanger belongs to the physical cleaning method. Compared with the traditional manual, mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning, it has many advantages: low cleaning cost, good cleaning quality, fast cleaning speed, no environmental pollution and no corrosion to the equipment. The development of high pressure water jet cleaning technology in China is developing rapidly. The proportion of water jet industrial cleaning has reached 20% in large and medium-sized cities and enterprises, and its growth rate is about 10% per year. It is expected that in the industrial cleaning industry of China for 6 to 7 years, the high pressure water jet cleaning technology will be an absolute advantage, which is the only way for China's industrial cleaning.